About Albertslund Gamerz aka A’GamerZ

Albertslund Gamerz with the short name A’GamerZ is a local gaming, esport and production association primarily for the municipality Albertslund and the surrounding area.

The focus are these three sections: casual gaming, serious esport and computer related production. We want to get the gamers out of their bedrooms and play with others face to face to create a social in real life both at and away from keyboard aswell as giving them the possibility to learn and enhance their knowledge and skills by building and customizing their computers, write programs, create games, videos and graphics using computers.


When gaming becomes a sport and you want to be focused to become the best team player you can get then it is esport.

This branch is just started. The focus is first on League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Later Rocket League and Overwatch could be next.

Our first Counter Strike team A’GZ Five has joined the first official Danish championship in esport eSportligaen. More teams are on their way.

Hygge gaming

Gaming on computers should be a social activity where you team up with others to finish a game winning over the endboss or get the best result against your opponents.

We encourage our members to play together to also enhance their social skills. And let team mates help each other so the more experienced players help and guide the others.

The goal is to experience the special Danish coziness known as hygge when gaming.


Production is the headline for the following activities:


A’GamerZ was founded March 2017. In May the same year the first meeting was held. We are member of DGI which is an Danish national umbrella organisation for healthy, challenging and community-based sports associations.

In November 2017 we joined the first official championchip in esport in eSportligaen initiated by the national esport association eSport Danmark which is a member of the international esport association IeSF.

If you have any questions or just want to get in contact with us then send an email to our chairman Claus 'Oksegrav' Agerskov formand@agamerz.dk (formand is chairman in Danish).

01-03-18 A’GamerZ fylder 1 år
Et år med fællesture til lanparties, hyggegaming og et hold i 1. division samt i alt 34 medlemmer.

31-01-18 Rekord mange til hyggegaming
I søndags var vi elleve til hyggegaming og fik endda to nye medlemmer, så vi i alt er oppe på 31. Det går fint fremad - kom søndag 11/2 kl. 14.

21-01-18 A’GZ Five vandt kamp om nedrykning
Efter først to nederlag mod gruppens andre hold, blev en lang kampdag afsluttet med en sejr over TGU eSport Y fra Tømmerup med 16-6, 17-19 og 16-14. Så A’GZ Five er fortsat i 1. division.

16-01-18 A’GZ Five i 1. division
Efter fordelingsspillet er holdet kommet i gruppe B i 1. division i DGI-ligaen i eSportligaen og skal spille alle gruppens tre kampe mod hold fra Mårslet, Blåvandshuk og Tømmerup lørdag 20/1.


6/5-2018 Hyggegaming på kroen i uge 18
Hyggegaming på Roskilde Kro - prøv gratis.

3/6-2018 Hyggegaming på kroen i uge 22
Hyggegaming på Roskilde Kro - prøv gratis.

17/6-2018 Hyggegaming på kroen i uge 24
Hyggegaming på Roskilde Kro - prøv gratis.

Juli 2018 #GGfestival Summer 2018
Vi planlægger en fællestur til børne-lanpartyet med kendte gamer­youtubere Sidste sommer var det i Lokomotivværkstedet i København.